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Another Happy Couple

“Beach Walk Staff, I am emailing about my experience at your Restaurant. I asked my girlfriend to marry me at the Beach Walk Café. Specifically, this happened on the beach with the help of your Toes in the Sand dinning opportunity. From the time I called to inquire about the possibility to eat dinner on the beach to the last bite to our key lime pie; I was extremely pleased with the professionalism and quality of your staff. Although I think she would have said yes anyway (or at least I hoped), proposing on the beach with the help of your restaurant made this a dream-like experience for her and unforgettable for both of us. Anyway, with much sincerity, thank you very much for help me create the best day of my life. I have attached a picture taken by our server (I think his name is Trevor) just before dinner. Please thank him personally for us.

Respectfully, Terrence
A very pleased customer”

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